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  1. Opinions on GPS's?

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    I am on my third Garmin and I am totally disappointed in it. My experience has been that they work fine for the first year and then begin to malfunction. I have done updates on the unit I purchased last summer and it is not helping. The unit locks up, battery life is now about an hour and...
  2. Log your roadtrips with GPS phone + everytrail.com

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    I like my GPS-enabled phone to keep a log of where I've been. With a free service called everytrail.com I can keep tracks and geo-tagged pictures of where I've been and what I've seen so I can enjoy the trip more than one time. Appears to work with most popular GPS phones. You also get data...
  3. Website uses your GPS phone to show your location

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    By request: I am posting a link to a free website that allows most GPS-equipped cellphones to post current or recent position on a map. You can apparently embed the application in other places if this is something you find interesting. Link to instamapper.com, which you also see in the signature.