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  1. Factory Five GTM Forum
    One of the other changes to the kit. You can see that the new design requires a different latching mechinism. The pack-up included the gen1 latch and pin and I don't see those working with the new design. I talked to Jason last week and they're working on it. I guess the gen2 owners are the...
  2. Factory Five GTM Forum
    Scott Bell (Great Guy) of Stewards Transport left me a gift this evening. GTM #331 has finally arrived.
  3. Factory Five GTM Forum
    well here is where i am at any suggestions please input would like to avoid common purchase mistakes. I ordered the car with ac,rims,roof scoop and splitter. i also ordered the new erod engine from Sroggins dickens today. Next up will be the donor car parts found a rolling chasis 2002 zo6 with...
  4. Factory Five GTM Forum
    FYI. Recieved in email from the Technical Sales Manager at Factor Five Racing Inc; "You can order either a Gen1 or a Gen2 today. The discount is not applicable to the Gen2, but can still be applied to the Gen1. Gen1s won't be available for too much longer - probably another few weeks. From...
  5. Factory Five GTM Forum
    From the Factory Five site web site. "The biggest change with the body comes in the hours required for bodywork. We built all-new molds. Every single molded part on the GTM was changed and for each part, we built new tight tolerance molds and make the parts in red gel coat." Would anyone...
1-5 of 5 Results