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  1. For Sale: Howe Racing Caster / Camber Gauge $80

    Parts For Sale / Wanted
    I'd like to sell this Howe Racing caster/camber gauge, part number 85032 (or maybe 85042?) with magnetic adapter 85037. It's no longer listed on the Howe Racing website Howe Racing Enterprises , but it seems very much like other similar gauges currently sold by Summit, etc. I don't know much...
  2. Speedhut Fuel Gauge

    Factory Five Roadsters
    Just checking to make sure I understand this. Plug in the pigtail and hold down the button. The needle will move between full and empty. Push button to set point. Guage goes back to normal operation. Repeat steps to set the other point. Ok been there done that trying to set empty with 3...
  3. Idiots Guide to 302 Engine Ports - Please Help

    Ford Small Block Engine
    New guy here, new guy to FFR. I purchased a partially complete Roadster from a guy in CO, hauled it clear back to the middle of Kansas. The Ford 302 engine is beautiful (enginefactory.com). I've got to the point of hooking up gauges and a thermostat for my electric fan on the radiator. Can...
  4. For Sale: Stewart Warner 8-Piece Gauge Set

    Parts For Sale / Wanted
    SOLD: Stewart Warner 8-Piece Gauge Set - Lower Price Purchased new from Finish Line a few years ago, but never used. #550ABE - Reverse Reading 180 MPH Speedometer (3-1/2") #82170 Electric Tachometer (3-1/2") #465ET - Oil Temp. Gauge (2-1/4") #460BH - Oil Press. Gauge (2-1/4") #465ES - Water...