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  1. external fuel pump chioces

    Ask Gordon!
    Hi, I'm not much of a blogger but I have a question on fuel tank and pump choices. my son helped me set my ffr standard tank in place last night. I installed the pick up unit and the sender unit, vent and stuff... I noticed the return line had a rubber plug on the inside portion of the pipe...
  2. Using C6 Fuel Tanks

    Factory Five GTM Forum
    Just wondering if there's anyone out there that's been able to make C6 gas tanks work. Looks like the donor parts kit I have came with a set of C6 tanks and I'm struggling to find other builders that have used them. If there's anyone out there that didn't abandon C6 tanks in favor of aluminum...
  3. Throttle Pedal Position Relative to Brake Pedal

    Factory Five Roadsters
    Setting up my throttle today, and I have a russ thompson pedal. I found several pics that show basically all 3 pedals in line with each other, but when I do that, I have to pull my toes on my go foot off constantly. I looked at the position on my other OEM rigs here, and all of them show the...
  4. For Sale: NEW Breeze Gas Pedal

    Parts For Sale / Wanted
    I have a brand new (has been installed) but never used Breeze gas pedal kit that I would like to sell. I am switching my car over to a motor that has drive by wire, so I will not be able to use this gas pedal. Save some money...$60 shipped.
  5. 03-04 Fuel tanks

    Factory Five GTM Forum
    :confused1:hello everyone im stuck on the fuel tank plumbing and wiring.....i know the threads ive searched say this topic has been beaten to death however i never find the solution. i have 2003-04 fuel tanks and a 2006 ls7 ecu. im running the painless fuse box. any links or help on this...
  6. Throttle Pedal (Stainless) & AC Pedals on Wilwood Arms: #2

    Throttle Pedal (Stainless) & AC Pedals on Wilwood Arms: #2

  7. Throttle Pedal (Stainless) & AC Pedals on Wilwood Arms: #1

    Throttle Pedal (Stainless) & AC Pedals on Wilwood Arms: #1