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  1. I'm Thomas, the garage fanatic

    New Member Introductions
    Hi, I'm Thomas from Denmark. My friends call me the garage fanatic due to my love for cars.
  2. Cabinets

    Canadian Region by Specialty Car Parts Canada
    Anyone in Calgary need garage cabinets? My kitchen is coming out next week and the cabinets will just go in the bin unless someone wants some of them. Let me know if you're interested. Bill
  3. For Sale: Texaco reproduction gas pump

    Parts For Sale / Wanted
    Full-sized reproduction of antique Texaco gas pump, not only nostalgic but is fully-functional as a weather center. Has clock, thermometer and barometer in place of the original meters that measure the gas volume. The globe on top of the officially licensed Texaco product illuminates so that it...
  4. Photo Shoot

    Canadian Region by Specialty Car Parts Canada
    Had a photographer use the car and garage for a photo shoot yesterday, here is a link to his site if you're interested. http://irvingcrea-photos.tumblr.com/ . You'll have to scroll through the first set of photos which may be slightly NSFW. Cheers, Bill