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fuel injection

  1. For Sale: Fuel Injection Set up from 95 5.0 Engine

    Parts For Sale / Wanted
    Everything you need to convert to fuel injection (except fuel rails). These parts are from an 1995 Mustang GT 5.0. Includes: Upper and lower intake, throttle body, 19#/hr injectors, computer (car was gt w/ 5 speed), and mass air flow meter. $200 + ship. I also have a pair of stock heads if...
  2. Powerjection III help!?

    Factory Five Roadsters
    Guys Did my first start last weekend, which felt great, but am running into problems with the Powerjection III (I think). The engine starts fine, but after running for about three or four seconds, the engine sounds fuel starved and will hesitate (drop revs) and then recover. It will keep...
  3. For Sale: EFI Parts from 95 GT Mustang 5.0

    Parts For Sale / Wanted
    The following parts are from a 95 Mustang 5.0 w/ 5 speed transmission. Great if you are considering converting to EFI. Parts Include: 8-19lb/hr fuel injectors, stock upper and lower intake manifolds, stock mass airflow meter, stock throttle body, and computer for standard transmission. All parts...