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  1. Retired Rookie

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    Hi, I'm in Metro-Atlanta. I am looking for a builder. Years ago I built a Shell Valley Cobra roadster with a hardtop. At that time, FFR was on their third prototype. I recently sold it. It had a kevlar body, 400 SBC w/ Dart block, AFR 220 Heads, Edelbrock EFI, Lunati hydraulic roller cam, forged...
  2. Ford efi gurus ?

    Factory Five Roadsters
    Using a stock Ford EFI harness. When eliminating the purge solenoid and EGR Vent Solenoid does one put in some sort of resistor in its place or leave it alone?.. I have the schematic for the EGR plug elimination with those resistors, this I know needs to be done... Thanks for you help. JJ
  3. Installing AEM Infinity Stand Alone EFI on a Coyote

    Ford Modular Engine Roadster Builds
    (cross post from my build thread) Just an update... Been enjoying the car over the summer. I needed to tune the PCM to account for long tubes and the intake. I have HPTuners, which now supports the Ford Control Pack. After waiting for over a year for the support and starting to work...
  4. Fan wiring...hopefully this is easy

    Factory Five Roadsters
    I'm using a FAST 2.0 EZ EFI system on my car. The computer wants to control(adjustable via keypad) the fan. I have the sensor installed into the manifold by the water neck and that sensor plug goes back into the main EFI harness. I have a blue wire labeled "Fan1 Relay" with a 1 amp inline fuse...
  5. Hot 12v source/wire during run AND cranking

    Factory Five Roadsters
    Hey guys, not an electrical genius by any means but I do alright. On wiring up my Fast EFI 2.0 system along with the Fast distributor/controller/coil. Instructions tell me to wire a couple of components into a switched 12 volt wire that is hot during run AND cranking. Where do I find that. I am...
  6. Are any of these codes affect drivability?

    Factory Five Roadsters
    OK boys, I have a mk3 with 1991 5.0 set up. Ron Francis engine harness A9l computer manual No smog equipment EGR delete so some symptoms are: very hard to start up if it does that day(very moody) en even rev wont start back up " ignition module again?" codes: 22 MAP/BP sensor out of self test...
  7. For Sale: Fuel Injection Set up from 95 5.0 Engine

    Parts For Sale / Wanted
    Everything you need to convert to fuel injection (except fuel rails). These parts are from an 1995 Mustang GT 5.0. Includes: Upper and lower intake, throttle body, 19#/hr injectors, computer (car was gt w/ 5 speed), and mass air flow meter. $200 + ship. I also have a pair of stock heads if...
  8. For Sale: Powerjection III

    Parts For Sale / Wanted
    SOLD -- Powerjection III SOLD -- The Powerjection III system is a major leap in technology for aftermarket fuel injection systems. The injectors, throttle position sensor, idle air control, and MAP are contained in the throttle body and the Engine Management System (EMS), the unit that controls...
  9. Coupe #477 first start

    FFR Type 65 Coupe
    First start with the engine factory 351w with Fast EFI and a TKO600 plus Thanks Mark Dougherty for all the help
  10. For Sale: EFI Parts from 95 GT Mustang 5.0

    Parts For Sale / Wanted
    The following parts are from a 95 Mustang 5.0 w/ 5 speed transmission. Great if you are considering converting to EFI. Parts Include: 8-19lb/hr fuel injectors, stock upper and lower intake manifolds, stock mass airflow meter, stock throttle body, and computer for standard transmission. All parts...
  11. For Sale: Barry Grant Fuel Pump - Mighty Sumo - 170041

    Parts For Sale / Wanted
    Here is the replacement BG pump for my '03 Cobra SCCA race car. This pump was FULLY remanuafactured by BG and it was upgraded to the latest bearing style. It was rebuilt in '08 and it is still in the box from BG. I have kept the the pump thinking I would eventually go EFI but now that I have...
  12. SN95 EFI Question

    Factory Five Roadsters
    Just ordered my MkIV today! Had a question about my donor, it's a 1995 GT. I want to keep it stock for now but have been ready about performance options (for the future). Is this a good "stock" engine to use for my build? Are there any wiring tips you can share? Is there anything I can do to...