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  1. Canine Members of the Armed Forces Act?

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    Has this bill or act passed the house and President? I searched but found conflicting info, who would have thought. How does one adopt a veteran dog? For reference. Canine Members of the Armed Forces Act Passes Senate Today, Help for Military Working Dogs Coming - ICTMN.com
  2. Disabled Pet, Special Needs Pet walk

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    I did a Google search and couldn't find any "pet walks" for Disabled Pets and their owners. Are you aware of any? Read below for the back story. Yesterday The wife (Robin) and I took our 8 month old pup and our disabled Great Dane for a walk. The Dane is not able to walk but he absolutely...
  3. Saying Goodbye.

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    Born June 4 1994, on the day that I married my wife. Our first Pet and part of our family. Wonderful companion, fiercely loyal, protective and unbelievably stubborn. With us through heartache and success with unconditional love. Traveled the world including a 4 year stint in the great white...