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  1. Factory Five Roadsters
    I have a brand new supercharged fuel injected 331 stroker motor. My car does not have an oil cooler. The oil temperature is running at 210 degrees fahrenheit. Is this too high? Do I require an oil cooler? What should the oil temperature be running at? If a cooler is required, which one...
  2. Factory Five Roadsters
    I'm getting ready to plumb up all my speedhut gauges. I have an oil pressure sending unit and a oil temperature sending unit to install. I have a 302 and I see the one port near the fuel pump. My first thought was to install a tee or something here, but the bulb of the temp sensor is quite...
  3. Factory Five Roadsters
    Like the message says, is there any problem with running hte power steering fluid through the built in transmission fluid cooler built into the radiator's left tank? It seems a cleaner look that hand bending a couple of loops of tubing and the cooler is already there and not being used. Thanks
1-3 of 3 Results