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  1. Ford Modular Engine Roadster Builds
    Hey there... I'm brand new to the FFCars community and my father & I are starting our journey through the build of our very own Mark IV... hoping to start this coming winter. I was hoping to get some advice and guidance on a few questions we have... the first of many, I'm sure! We're on a...
  2. Factory Five Roadsters
    I'm thinking of going with the complete Mk4 kit over the base kit but wanted to ask a couple of questions. The main reason for the complete kit is simply time. My partner in crime and the guy funding the whole thing is only available in June. With only a month to build the kit and not having to...
  3. Ford Modular Engine Roadster Builds
    :001_unsure:I'm building a complete kit with IRS and '03 Cobra engine. I mounted the fuel tank over the weekend and began wondering about the correct fuel pump to use. After checking one of local parts stores for an '03 Cobra pump ($500 + tax for a rebuilt!), I decided to check with someone who...
1-3 of 3 Results