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  1. ABS speed operation question for 94-96 ABS systems

    Factory Five Roadsters
    Granted I've only tested the newly installed 1995 ABS on the FFR with hard stops from about 30 mph, I can't see that it's preventing wheel lock up. I can still slide both front wheels. The sytem is passing power up self-tests and generates no error codes while driving. I checked the wiring...
  2. I just posted a ton of PCM /BCM Codes in the FAQ

    Factory Five GTM Forum
    Just an FYI. I found the list on thought it might be helpful for those trying to look up what a code means when troubleshooting. I'll post them here as well. DTC B0016, B0017, or B0018 Right Front/Passenger Frontal Deployment Loop (Stage 1) Circuit DTC B0022, B0024, or B0026 Left...