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  1. Chassis Dolly Build Plans

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    Chris's Chassis Dolly Build Plan I hope this serves many builders for years to come. Source (my Build site): Our Cobra Build ? Chassis Dolly Click here to download the PDF. The finished product. Tools Drill / Screw Gun Circular Saw 1/2″ Wrench or ratchet Measuring Tape Chisel Rasp...
  2. Chassis dolly size

    Factory Five Roadsters
    I have researched this site for chassis dolly dimensions and have seen lots of good examples. I was planning making mine about 4 foot long and having the chassis rest on the two cross tubes on the chassis. My question is ....when i put the engine in will the weight tip the dolly.
  3. How do I get rid of the Donor chassis

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    I'm looking for suggestions on the best(cheapest) way to rid myself of the donor chassis. I left a "contact me" with a company that called themselves auto recyclers and even have a video of cars being demonished by a special hydrolic machine. I recieved a call from a lady, whom had appearently...
  4. Body / Chassis Prep and Paint Procedure Sequence

    Factory Five Roadsters
    Here is my plan to get my body work done, please let me know if this is reasonable, if not make suggestions. 1. I have front / rear suspension installed, engine and tranny ready to install. 2. I was going to install the engine / trans / 4x4 headers. 3. Install body with all components...