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  1. Parts For Sale / Wanted
    I'd like to sell this Howe Racing caster/camber gauge, part number 85032 (or maybe 85042?) with magnetic adapter 85037. It's no longer listed on the Howe Racing website Howe Racing Enterprises , but it seems very much like other similar gauges currently sold by Summit, etc. I don't know much...
  2. GTM Classifieds
    Sold Here is a Great Tool For setting up your caster/camber on your GTM. or any other car you can modify your front end and get the most out of it before fully assembled very Accurate and real simple to use. I will except pay-pal for payment asking 200. thanks Gary
  3. Ask North Racecars!
    Richard, I am changing my steering rack from a '93 donor, power rack (no assist) to a FFR manual rack. I also am using the off-set bushings, mounted up or down? What alignment specs would you recommend using this rack and 245/50R/16 tires? This is a street driven car almost 99% of the time...
1-3 of 3 Results