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carbon fiber

  1. For Sale: Real Carbon Fiber Spats for Roadster

    Parts For Sale / Wanted
    SOLD - I'm assuming these are the FFR models but I have no idea. They are the hard model, not the self stick kind. They can be sanded and polished just like regular paint or the FFR CF Dash. I bought them long ago but ended up selling the Cobra before I finished bodywork so they've never been...
  2. For Sale: Corsair F-28R racing trimaran sailboat

    Other Vehicles For Sale / Wanted
    If your need for speed doesn't end when the pavement stops, I'm selling my Corsair trimaran. This is a 28-foot go-fast sailboat, with carbon fiber rotating mast, fully battened sails, and only 2700 lbs. With a 3-year old, and another baby on the way this summer, I just don't have time for...
  3. Upgraded seats

    Factory Five Roadsters
    Has anyone replaced the low back seats with carbon fiber highback seats? If so what was your experience in fitting them into the car. I have a 38" waist and would require a 17.5" wide seat. Post some pictures if you have any. The brand would be helpful. The reason for the carbon fiber is...
  4. For Sale: Carbon Fiber Engine Covers for LS7

    GTM Classifieds
    Two sets of Carbon Fiber Engine Covers that fit LS7 engine. I had these left over from some project cars. Brand new. Perfect for GTM project. See Ebay Listings at 190267384585 190267384162