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  1. Mark 3 Roadster Height

    Factory Five Roadsters
    How high should I set the frame to the ground? (front/rear/etc.) This is for regular use on the street and sometimes on a road course. Thanks.
  2. Interior Car Cover Question

    Factory Five Roadsters
    I purchased my Factory Five Mark 3 Roadster and with the misc. parts I received was an uninstalled interior compartment detachable cover. I am worried about installing this part and it damaging my paint job when it is attached and detached. Is this part really necessary? Do people rarely use...
  3. BendPak 4-Post Lift Review

    Off Topic Discussions
    Finally made the purchase I've needed for several years now, new 4-post lift from BendPak! I researched the heck out of this purchase: read thru these forums, read the Raptor forums and kept seeing the same couple names pop up: Bendpak, Rotary and Superlifts. Then I went and read all their...
  4. Starting the kit??

    Factory Five Roadsters
    Is it worth the time and money devoted into building my own kit car, or buying a second hand kit car from someone elese?