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  1. Any Coupe owners in QC

    FFR Type 65 Coupe
    Hey guys, I would really love to see a coupe in person before I embark on this project, to see if I will like the car. Pictures are one thing, real life another sometimes. Are there any builders or owners of a coupe in Québec, Canada? If possible in the region of Montréal. I don't necessarilly...
  2. New Cobra Build in Milton, Ontario, Canada

    New Member Introductions
    Hi Everyone, I'm doing a new cobra build north of Milton, Ontario, Canada and just reaching out to see if there's anyone else in the area doing a build. I'm at the engine-drop in stage of the build. Thanks! Brian
  3. 1955 Porsche Speedster Wide Body

    Other Cars
    Just finished this replica, am quite pleased with the final outcome. Next up is a 68 Karmen Ghia, and a Johnex 427 Cobra Kit. In the lineup are another GTM build, an LP640 Lambo, and a Bugatti Veyron.
  4. GTM Wins Walmart Dream Car Contest

    Factory Five GTM Forum
    Walmart publishes a Dream Car Calendar every year in Canada, and I am happy to say my red GTM won the contest. Maybe I'll enter my black GTM next year?
  5. Returning Canadian needs help!

    Insurance and Registration Discussions
    I purchased my MK-3 last year while I was living in Utah. I am about 70% thru the build and have moved back to Canada where I'm from. The car is still in Utah. I was going to bring it back here but found out the RIV (Registrar of Imported Vehicles) will not allow "kit cars" to be imported...
  6. got a (2 or 4 post) lift here (in Canada)?

    Canadian Region by Specialty Car Parts Canada
    Just canvassing for opinions from anyone who's installed and using a (residential garage) vehicle lift here in Canada. There are many suppliers, but as with most things, some are unwilling to sell or service north of the US border. Being on Vancouver Island, I bet I'm even more choice limited...
  7. Ontario Canada GTM

    Ontario Canada GTM

    Ed's GTM completed July 2010
  8. Any one have a GTM FS in CAnada

    GTM Classifieds
    Any one have a GTM kit FS in Canada in any shape or form?