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  1. Factory Five Roadsters
    So I was having a great Father's day where my wife and children left me to play in the garage and work on my car interrupted only by small visits to let me know breakfast and dinner were ready or to bring me a beer. A great day, until... I'm building a MK IV complete with the standard FFR...
  2. Parts For Sale / Wanted
    Brake Parts - front and rear - Mostly for Fox Mustangs I have extra parts from a brake upgrade I performed some time ago. All parts are used. The car was assembled in 2004, I upgraded the brakes in 2006/'07. They have been on my shelf since. Standard Rear Caliper Brackets for 10" rotor...
  3. Factory Five Roadsters
    I have installed new front brakes and spindles and am experiencing a problem. I installed the PBR Cobra front calipers with 13 inch rotors and SN95 spindles. I now have a issue with the rim rubbing the face of the caliper where the word COBRA is cast into it. I have 17 inch Halibrand replica...
1-3 of 3 Results