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  1. I got the job! SolidWorks / CADD

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    Here is some “rainy day reading” for some background. http://www.ffcars.com/forums/43-off-topic-discussions/225178-drafting-cad-solidworks.html http://www.ffcars.com/forums/43-off-topic-discussions/240882-help-what-would-you-draw-solidworks.html I just finished my second week of full time...
  2. Autocad 2001 question

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    When I start autocad 2011 it starts and then never loads and then just turns off any ideas I have windows 7
  3. HELP : What would you draw? SolidWorks.

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    HELP : What would you draw? SolidWorks. :UPDATED: Some of you may remember I'm taking a CADD (Computer Aided Drafting and Design) coarse in collage. I just started my third term and need to draw something for my final. It needs to be a "tangible" - object with at least 10 parts. I will have to...
  4. Autocad : Isometric polar array with ellipse?

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    This is hard to explain, for me any way. How do I get an ellipse to appear in the correct orientation when using the polar array command in an isometric drawling? I hope I'm not "Geeking out" too much on our day off. :yawn: Thanks, -Tony
  5. Drafting / CAD / Solidworks

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    In a matter of days I'll be starting CADD classes at YTI. CADD = Computer Aided Drafting and Design. Who are the "resident" Drafting professionals? What part of the industry are you in? Any advice? -Tony