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  1. Did "Da BAT" do it?

    Factory Five Roadsters
    Hi, this is Isaac... Son Of da Bat Many of you know that our website has been down for some time... I am finally caught up and between builds, so I am going to be working on the site here for the next week or so... If "Da Bat" did it! I NEED YOUR PHOTOS! please... we lost our large data...
  2. Questions on building a base model GTM

    Factory Five GTM Forum
    Hello all! I have known of Factory Five for a few years now but am now more interested in what they have to offer. So a quick background story before we begin. My wife and I are looking to turn my intrest of Datsun to FF. Currently we are living in Okinawa Japan and have a little over a year...
  3. New Member

    Factory Five GTM Forum
    Hi all, I'm Currently saving for my GTM build (single so its easy) My plan is to buy a C5 donor, a Mendeola trans (with master shift kit), and an LS2 stroker crate engine good for aprox. 580hp. My goal is to stick to around $65-70K is it possible? And I would also like to know what the hardest...
  4. Build School seat available - any month, even the "Two Guys Garage" taping in Sept.!

    Factory Five Roadsters
    Build School seat available - any month, even the "Two Guys Garage" taping in Sept.! I have a seat reserved for the Roadster Build School but will not be able to attend and would like to offer it for $699 - a $100 discount. This registration can be for any upcoming class - even the class in...
  5. Engine building tools

    Factory Five Roadsters
    heyguys, So Ive built two or three motors in my high school shop, but Im getting ready to purchase some tools of the trade. Im just a hobbist but know im gonna be building the rest of my life. Currently im slowing putting togeather the pieces for a 408 stroker build, but its gonna be a while...
  6. New Cobra Build in Milton, Ontario, Canada

    New Member Introductions
    Hi Everyone, I'm doing a new cobra build north of Milton, Ontario, Canada and just reaching out to see if there's anyone else in the area doing a build. I'm at the engine-drop in stage of the build. Thanks! Brian
  7. Engine Build Plan

    Ford Small Block Engine
    I heading to FFR on saturday to tour the factory and put together the budget for my MK4 build (I will be leaving my wallet at home for safety reasons). Anyway...I have always been a bowtie guy but can apprechiate that putting anything other than a Ford motor would be a crime. I have located a...
  8. Starting a build plan/budget.. Rate/advice please?

    Factory Five GTM Forum
    Hey everyone, I am in the process of starting my build plan/budget for my gtm.. Here is what I want to know from you guys..... Look at my cost sheet, is it realistic? what major things am I missing? Any better ideas or different routes I should take? What parts do I need to have before I...