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  1. Body Buck for Sale in RI

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    Hey Friends, Recently finished my roadster and am trying to get rid of my buck. $100 OBO, in Middletown RI if you'd like to come pick it up! Colin
  2. Free Parts: Rolling Roadster Body Buck

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    Free over body roadster buck with caster wheels so it rolls. 74'' high, 97'' long, 76'' wide. Fit great over our frame in a standard garage, easy to roll in and out. In the San Jose, South Bay area. If you can pick it up and take it away it's yours. Call Mark (669)-263-1065 or message here.
  3. Body Buck available Rochester, NY

    Factory Five Roadsters
    Free for anyone in the area who needs a MK IV body buck. My body is back on the frame after paint! PM me and I will give you directions.
  4. Body Buck - Southeast NH

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    FREE - I have a wooden body buck on wheels that I'd like to part with to help you on your build. It is elevated to fit above the chassis and has shelves built into it. Pictures upon request. Matt
  5. Want to Buy: FL: Roadster Body Buck Near Tampa?

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    Anyone got a body buck near Tampa, FL? I just ordered a Mark IV Roadster and it should be here in about 4-8 weeks. It's delayed waiting for FFR to make Coyote parts available but may be here as soon as 4 weeks. Need to get the buck situation sorted out pretty quick so it would be awesome if I...
  6. Need a Roadster Body Buck in Kansas City

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    Anyone looking to get rid of a body buck in the KC area?
  7. Up, Up, and Away with the Body Buck

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    I decided to reclaim 50+ square feet of my shop by hanging the body and buck from the ceiling. When you don't have friends to help, but you have a lift, you tend to get creative. Thanks to some ratcheting tie downs, some rope, a couple of 2x4's, and sawhorses, the body is now suspended about 8"...