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  1. Factory Five GTM Forum
    Can someone tell me what these parts are can't find the part numbers in the instructions. Also can someone help me with the dimensions of the rear inner splash panel? Found that I'm missing this part and I was just going to make it myself. Would a 24"x24" piece of sheet metal be big enough? Is...
  2. FFR Type 65 Coupe
    This is making me go, "Hmmm." :confused1::confused1: The side aluminum panel on the driver side and passenger side footboxes are different on my kit - - is this what others have? My Coupe was received in October. Take a look: Driver side - - Passenger side -- Another view, driver side --...
  3. Factory Five Roadsters
    I have read a lot on here about trial fitting the body and needing to trim the panels for bulb seal. I have a MK 3.1 and I just dropped the body on and everything lines up pretty good. My problem is not that I need to trim the panels but need to add to them to to get them so the bulb seal will...
1-3 of 3 Results