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  1. Canadian Region by Specialty Car Parts Canada
    Hi I’m new to the forum. Although I have been following this one and the FFR one for years This the first sign up and discussion I am considering a build as project in retirement or whenever the oil and gas industry retires me. I am looking at a type 65, I know it’s a harder build but even in...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hello! My father and I are planning on doing a build together and have been looking around Edmonton and area at a couple roadster, already met a great bunch of people that are willing to show you around and offer help. We are also new to this forum, this is our first post. We are looking for...
  3. Canadian Region by Specialty Car Parts Canada
    Well we drove down to Shelby Montana of all places to pick up the next roadster. Roads were good from Nanton south, but between Calgary and Nanton there were a lot of icy patches. The coldest temperature we saw was -28 Celsius just north of Lethbridge. Getting the car off of the Stewart...
  4. Canadian Region by Specialty Car Parts Canada
    Does anyone here in Alberta know if his race screans would passs inspecion if you put on one of those bolt on wipers; and if there is a minimun windshield hieght for a car.
1-4 of 4 Results