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  1. Factory Five GTM Forum
    My dad and I want to build a GTM, but we want to try to do it on the smallest budget possible, so it is theoretically possible to build one using just the kit, a donor C5, and the G50 transmission; right?
  2. New Member Introductions
    Long Time Lurker Getting Closer. Considering a Roadster Build on a tightish budget. Looking for advice on a donor car. I know 1987 to 2004 Mustang GT. But what is the smart play? Im looking to build a weekend cruiser that will only see 3000 miles a year. I dont need a barn burner either...
  3. NorCal Region
    I am current owner and restorer of a 1970 Corvette and my dad and I want to build a GTM, but I still haven't seen one in person or spoke to anyone who has actually built one. Is there anyone in the Sacramento or Bay Area that would be willing to show off their GTM and give me some advice on the...
1-3 of 3 Results