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  1. Pillow Block Relocation

    This is the pillow block relocation plate powder coated and bolted in place.
  2. Steering Pillow Block Offset Plate

    After moving the steering rack back using the Ackerman bushings the steering universal joints were binding so I had to relocate the lower pillow block slightly. This is the offset plate that I made from 3/16" steel plate.
  3. Ackerman Drilling

    This photo shows the drill jig in use. It bolts into the stock MkI / MkII rack location and has a bushing to locate a 1/2" drill bit for drilling the X member.
  4. Ackerman Mod Drill Jig

    This is a simple jig I made to allow the holes for the Ackerman mod to be drilled from the engine side so you don't have to remove the radiator to drill from the other side.
  5. Ackerman Mod, After

    This photo shows the steering rack relocated back against the X member using the Breeze bushings.
1-5 of 5 Results