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  1. Want to Buy: 1998-2000 ebtcm

    GTM Classifieds
    I'm looking for a backup EBTCM Pre 2001. I believe the 1998-2000 modules are the same part number. Thanks.
  2. Seeking info regarding ABS with IRS.

    Factory Five Roadsters
    Hi Everyone, I’ve ordered my base kit with IRS and I should receive it sometime near the end of January. In the mean time, I am trying to spec out all my major systems. As for brakes, I’d really love to go with ABS power brakes. There doesn’t seem to be a kit available through any of the...
  3. How do I take this thing apart?

    Factory Five Roadsters
    This photo is part of the 94-95 ABS controller. I want to remove this cap which looks like it's held in by some kind of retaining ring. Does the metal cap need to be pushed into the bore to release the retaining ring? This cap is the back-stop for a spring loaded piston, part of the fluid...
  4. ABS speed operation question for 94-96 ABS systems

    Factory Five Roadsters
    Granted I've only tested the newly installed 1995 ABS on the FFR with hard stops from about 30 mph, I can't see that it's preventing wheel lock up. I can still slide both front wheels. The sytem is passing power up self-tests and generates no error codes while driving. I checked the wiring...
  5. Does this need to be removed from the ebcm?

    Factory Five GTM Forum
    My donor was a 2000 coupe. Does the block you see attached directly to the left MC line input on the EBCM need to be removed?
  6. Do you have ABS?

    Ford Modular Engine Roadster Builds
    Tell me more. 1. what year 2. which brakes 3. How do you like it? Thanks, Greg
  7. Installing ABS, specifcally on a pre-ABS Fox rear - Greg_M solution

    Factory Five Roadsters
    NOTE/UPDATE: On 3/15/2011, I posted this detailed summary of the project with procedures for testing the ABS components off the car, installation, troubleshooting, and many tips: http://www.ffcars.com/forums/showthread.php?t=268018 Feel free to continue reading from here and see the learning...
  8. How much work is Anti-Lock brakes?

    Factory Five Roadsters
    I'm already planning to run a brake booster. I have '95 spindles, brakes and booster, and a '93 302 and complete wiring harness and computers. What else would I need to buy and how much work is it to setup? I want good brakes, but I've seen what can happen if they lock up! Not pretty.
  9. abs electrical question...

    Factory Five GTM Forum
    is it going to be a problem if i cut to shorten the length of the wires for the abs sensors? or if i was to loop the wires so compensate the slack will it make any interferiance noise? thank you very much.
  10. ABS brakes

    Factory Five Roadsters
    Still in my planning stages for next build, but I want to ask... If I was to put ABS brakes in, what would I need? Also, I would like to go hydroboost if possible and end up with Gordon's wilwood brakes that accomodate 15" rims. Is this possible and if so, what parts do I need? Thanks
  11. ABS pump/module bracket?

    Ford Modular Engine Roadster Builds
    Hi all, I'm at the point where I'm doing my brake line routing, and have decided to use the ABS from my donor (1997 Cobra). I've see some posts where people have a nice custom bracket to mount the abs pump, but I haven't seen a supplier. Does anyone know where to get this? Also, does anyone...
  12. Graduation of F5R1005840SR

    Factory Five Roadsters
    I orginaly posted this in the 4.6 forum but a friend said that I should have posted in the general roadster forum: It' official!! I have to thank my family for letting me do this and mostly my wife Laura who not only enjoyed the build but also accidentily crashed my 1997 mustang cobra at...
  13. Would anyone recommend using a '99 v6 as a partial donor?

    Factory Five Roadsters
    I have available to me a low mileage 99 v6 5 speed mustang with a bad rear that I would like to use as a donor. I dont care about the rear because I have an IRS from a thunderbird that I plan on using and due to state regulations I would use a vintage block so the V6 doesnt bother me either...