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  1. Parts For Sale / Wanted
    SOLD ~ SOLD ~SOLD $1500 USED ~ TKO 500 w/mid shift,drive-shaft, sbf steel bell-housing, clutch, pressure plate, shift fork. I don't need this anymore because I sold my 408 550 hp/550tq race motor and put in a stock 302 5 spd in my FFR Cobra to sell, nothing wrong with them except they're not...
  2. Donor Cars For Sale / Wanted
    This vehicle has been used as a daily driver. No major mods with engine/transmission. 4.6L 5spd. 17" Wheels. Intake was updated 5 years ago. Rear end was changed to 3.55. Koni Shocks and with bars/springs. Never tracked. All functioning except drivers power seat and A/C. ~220k mi. The throw-out...
  3. Parts For Sale / Wanted
    I have decided to sell my backup Tremec TR-3650 5spd transmission. It came with my engine out of 2004 mach1 mustang with 33K miles. Asking $600.00 or BO. Local pickup or drop off. Brett
1-3 of 3 Results