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4.6l dohc

  1. 4.6l dohc

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    any one put this motor in the 33. If so where did you put the Alternator. I am thinking about where the ac was. Help if you can
  2. **********4185 Graduates********** (Grad No. 22)

    Factory Five Roadsters
    I got my registration on Friday the 6/11/10, the tag Monday 6/14/10 and 800+ miles by Sunday 6/20/10. What a thrill. I had no problems to date and it is received well by most. The 4.6 DOCH is a GREAT engine for how most of us use these cars. I get 22-24 MPG all day (with some goofing off). It is...
  3. Graduation of F5R1005840SR

    Factory Five Roadsters
    I orginaly posted this in the 4.6 forum but a friend said that I should have posted in the general roadster forum: It' official!! I have to thank my family for letting me do this and mostly my wife Laura who not only enjoyed the build but also accidentily crashed my 1997 mustang cobra at...
  4. Test fitting DOHC for conflicts...

    Test fitting DOHC for conflicts...