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  1. Big Block Roadster Builds
    I am finally ready to install a 460 into a Factory Five roadster I bought in 1999. Do I need a spacer between the motor mount and the pad. The instructions say I need a 1 inch spacer between the transmission mount and the TKO I am using, so do I need a spacer for the motor mount??
  2. Big Block Roadster Builds
    Recent purchase of Cobra with Ford 460. Can I pull the heads while in vehicle or will space be too limiting. Have broken valve springs that need replacing, wanting to review head condition
  3. Factory Five Roadsters
    I know FF recommends a Torker intake for hood clearance. I was wondering if anyone has tried a different intake. I had an engine built and the builder really wants to use the Victor 460 (which sits on it now) but I can look at it and tell it won't fit. He wants to get the body/ hood mounted...
1-3 of 3 Results