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  1. Factory Five Roadsters
    I'm in the process of swapping my old water pump with a brand new Edelbrock 8840. It's on a 351W, running "outside" the serpentine belt, so I believe Counter Clockwise. When looking at the impeller, the old one seems CCW, but looking at the Edelbrock 8840, the impeller seems to be CW. The 8840...
  2. Factory Five Roadsters
    Hi Everyone, I am looking for some advise or help here please. Stock ish heads well regarding the part we are talking about and FFR supplier Hooker headers. As you can see from the images both side have been leaking. The machined edge of the manifold is lining up too low on heads and thus...
  3. Factory Five Roadsters
    Hi I'm in the design and spec phase of my build now, and I'm leaning toward using a 351C block (D2AE). I know a majority are using the Windsor blocks but are there advantages to the Cleveland? I can pick this block up today - cheap. It is going to be mildly stroked to a 393. Any comments...
  4. Ford Small Block Engine
    Engine Factory is taking 750.00 off our most popular selling Engine Packages. visit our website for more details - Ford Custom Crate Engines for Mustangs, Cobra Kits & Trucks 1-800-704-5385 Offer ends 12/21.
  5. FFR Type 65 Coupe
    Finally finished her after two years. A HUGE thanks to Mark Dougherty and his son Matthew for all the build help. I highly recommend the Traveling Builder. A few little things to do here and there still. But as near as makes no difference finished and its ready to be driven. :001_tt1:
  6. Drag Racing
    I'm sure this question is asked a lot, but i've been very curious. I have a Type 65 coupe and have been asked the question alot myself. Unfortunately the car is not on the road yet. But what is a rough estimate considering the following specs? 400hp 351w should weigh in at around 2600-2650 IRS...
  7. FFR Type 65 Coupe
    Great weekend of working with Mark and Matthew Dougherty. It's almost there just a few more small things[/IMG]
  8. Factory Five '33 Hot Rod Forum by E/T Wheels
    Has anybody been able to install the FFR electric power steering kit on a '33 Hot Rod without modifying the oil pan? FFR says maybe but they don't know for sure. Thanks.
  9. FFR Type 65 Coupe
    First start with the engine factory 351w with Fast EFI and a TKO600 plus Thanks Mark Dougherty for all the help
  10. Ford Small Block Engine
    Hi guys - Looking for some reference materials on the 351W engines. What are the best books, websites, etc. that I can use to get myself educated on the basics and on making better power with these? Thanks in advance! :beerchug: - BikerScum
  11. Parts For Sale / Wanted
    I have a set of lightly used heads from a 1994 351W motor. The vehicle was damaged in an accident and I saved it thinking I would use it on my build. Unfortunately, my plans have changed and I have to go another way. The heads are very clean, low miles, and have all the valves, rocker arms, and...
  12. Donor Cars For Sale / Wanted
    Engine factory October Spook-tacular Special -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Engine Factory is offering $500 off our Ready to run Cobra Kit Ford Small Block Engine Packages. Only available to FFR Customers. Limited Time only. Offer ends Friday...
1-12 of 12 Results