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  1. 427 Strokers for Newbies?

    Ford Small Block Engine
    I’m new to engine building. Never built one but I think building my own for my cobra would be a great achievement. I know that I want to build a 351W/427 stroker. I don’t have any race tracks or drag strips near by so it’s just going to be a daily driver/ cruiser. My first question: Is it...
  2. Engine building tools

    Factory Five Roadsters
    heyguys, So Ive built two or three motors in my high school shop, but Im getting ready to purchase some tools of the trade. Im just a hobbist but know im gonna be building the rest of my life. Currently im slowing putting togeather the pieces for a 408 stroker build, but its gonna be a while...
  3. For Sale: 1966 AC Cobra Replica $29k by B&B (CA)

    Other Vehicles For Sale / Wanted
    1966 B&B Cobra Roadster Replica with 5,150 miles. Car was finished in 2010. Vehicle has the coveted SB100 title which means you never have to smog it, even when selling the vehicle. Car is in excellent condition and ready to drive. It's never been in an accident or tracked. Paint is Ford Royal...
  4. A about question 0 balance

    Ford Small Block Engine
    I will be sending my rotating assy (393W) out for balance in the next couple of weeks and want to 0oz imbalance instead of the normal 28oz. My understanding of balance is there is extra weight added to the Flywheel and Damper instead of the crank to compensate for the mass your rods, pistons...
  5. getting a mkIV roadster!!!

    Factory Five Roadsters
    Hi everyone! I am new to posting on the site but have been reading almost daily since my dad and I went to roadster build school last year. He is getting ready to buy the kit and we are looking at turnkey engine shops. We have looked at Engine Factory and Proformance, but after looking...
  6. 351W headers for LS swap???

    Chevy (or any other non-Ford) Motor Builds
    I have been debating trying to fit a set of FFR 351 headers to my new ls3. I know the port spacing is identical so an ls flange could be welded on easily. Has anyone tried this approach? I can't find any external dimensions (exhaust port to exhaust port width across the motor, or the exhaust...
  7. Best Driveshaft?

    Factory Five Roadsters
    Looking for a good driveshaft, for a Ford 351 Windsor... please help!
  8. 1996 E-150 Conversion Van w/351W

    Ford Small Block Engine
    Looking for some guidance from some of you that have way more experience than I do. I have an opportunity to purchase a E-150 conversion van with a 351W which I was thinking to use in a MKIII build this summer. (still need to order the kit) The van is a POS but still runs and drives, the...
  9. For Sale: 351 block/crank/rods/pistons for sale

    Parts For Sale / Wanted
    For Sale: '89 351 block. This block is in excellent, low mileage standard bore condition. It could be used as is. Maybe just a slight hone. Checked by machine shop and has no issues. '89 crank standard-standard. Maybe a quick polish or can be used as is. Also checked by machine shop. '96...
  10. For Sale: Ford 347 stroker motor, professionally built, NEVER RUN

    Parts For Sale / Wanted
    This is a powerful, custom-built engine, perfect for your 5.0 Mustang, muscle car, Hot Rod or other custom project. The engine is a 302-based, 2-bolt, late model block bored and stroked to 347 cubic inches. The engine was built for a supercharger, but will work fine naturally aspirated. In fact...