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  1. Christmas Deals Engine Factory - $750 off

    Ford Small Block Engine
    Engine Factory is taking 750.00 off our most popular selling Engine Packages. visit our website for more details - Ford Custom Crate Engines for Mustangs, Cobra Kits & Trucks 1-800-704-5385 Offer ends 12/21.
  2. For Sale: New 302 Oil Pan

    Parts For Sale / Wanted
    SOLD - New 302 Oil Pan SOLD - New in the box Ford 302 oil pan. Never Used. $35 shipped to you in the 48. Joey
  3. GT40P heads, 302 and Victor Jr. intake:

    Factory Five Roadsters
    The 302 is from a late 90's explorer with 105k miles (thus the GT40P heads) and I really like the look and feel of a carburetor on the motor. I'm planning on rebuilding the motor anyway and since all of this has pretty much fallen into my lap at some great prices, I'm inclined to jump on it, but...
  4. Want to Buy: 302 4-into-4 Headers

    Parts For Sale / Wanted
    Looking to buy a set of 302 4-into-4 headers taking up valuable space in your garage... Peter H.
  5. Help! lost main bearing caps ford 331 stroker. now what?

    Factory Five Roadsters
    Hey everyone, After a long time dealing with other time distractions, I'm now building my engine Ford 331 stroker, roller liters, afr 185 heads, moderately aggressive cam for the roadster. Hoping for 400hp to the wheels. Should be fun. big problem, I can't find the main bearing caps. I asked...
  6. 302 headers

    Ford Small Block Engine
    Need some help on ordering headers. Does anyone know which headers would work for a 302 going straight to the FFR sidepipes? We're running a MKIII and the ones from FFR are on backorder. We'd like to get this bad boy running sooner!
  7. For Sale: 302/351W F4TE Cylinder Heads For Sale 1994

    Parts For Sale / Wanted
    I have a set of lightly used heads from a 1994 351W motor. The vehicle was damaged in an accident and I saved it thinking I would use it on my build. Unfortunately, my plans have changed and I have to go another way. The heads are very clean, low miles, and have all the valves, rocker arms, and...
  8. For Sale: 5.0 HO Upper/lower intake manifold

    Parts For Sale / Wanted
    I have two used 5.0L HO Upper and lower intake manifolds for sale. 1 - 1990 - Mustang F0ZE-9425-A4A - $120 PLUS SHIPPING. 2 - 1988 - Mustang E8ZE-9425-E4A - $120 PLUS SHIPPING.
  9. For Sale: SBF 5.0/T-5 Aluminum Bell Housing

    Parts For Sale / Wanted
    Brand new Ford 5.0 T-5 Bell Housing. Part Number E3ZR 6394 AA, never used. $95.00 plus shipping OBO
  10. Temperature Sending Units - Ford 302

    Ford Small Block Engine
    I received a Ford 302 rebuild from Engine Factory.com and was wondering about the water temperature sending unit. I see one port on the intake to screw in the temp gauge sending unit. However, I want to hook up a thermostat for the electric fan and not use one of the probe types. Can you...
  11. For Sale: Levy Racing Cobra in Phoenix, AZ $26,950

    Factory Five Cars For Sale by Intercity Lines
  12. For Sale: Ford 347 stroker motor, professionally built, NEVER RUN

    Parts For Sale / Wanted
    This is a powerful, custom-built engine, perfect for your 5.0 Mustang, muscle car, Hot Rod or other custom project. The engine is a 302-based, 2-bolt, late model block bored and stroked to 347 cubic inches. The engine was built for a supercharger, but will work fine naturally aspirated. In fact...
  13. Engine factory October Spook-tacular Special

    Donor Cars For Sale / Wanted
    Engine factory October Spook-tacular Special -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Engine Factory is offering $500 off our Ready to run Cobra Kit Ford Small Block Engine Packages. Only available to FFR Customers. Limited Time only. Offer ends Friday...
  14. Fuel pump recommendations

    Factory Five Roadsters
    I need to buy a fuel pump for my Mk3 cobra. I've got a fuel injected Ford 302 small block. I have no idea what I should buy. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mark