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  1. Factory Five '33 Hot Rod Forum by E/T Wheels
    In need of advice: I am in the process of installing my 347 Ford and T56 magnum 6 speed in my 33. I have now discovered that Factory Five does not recommend this combo.....probably because the transmission mount boss is well beyond the location of a stock T56 (making the driveshaft too long...
  2. Ford Modular Engine Roadster Builds
    I have a 4.6 L GT stock, and I bought a 302 stroker package and cobra 4 valve heads. Now, my question is "Do I have to buy new valve covers for the cobra heads or will my existing valve covers work?"
  3. Parts For Sale / Wanted
    Engine Factory is offering $500 off our Ready to run Cobra Kit Ford Small Block Engine Packages. Only available to FFR Customers. Limited Time only. Offer ends Friday 10/31/08. See link http://www.fordcobraengines.com/Cobrakitpack.html This is a Spook-Tacular Deal!!! (Sorry couldn't resist)...
1-3 of 3 Results