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  1. For your viewing pleasure. 198 Video

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    Turn it up and be sure to have the sub woofer on!
  2. Dick Smith 198 Cobra

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    Hi there... This is Heather Smith - widow of the late great Dick Smith... I know many of you are interested in seeing 198 as it's touring around. It was great seeing how much everyone appreciates it and great seeing the faces of the people that got rides in it at the London Cobra Show. Here is...
  3. #198

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    Below is a quick cell phone video from LCS of Mark D. bringing #198 back to the hotel after giving one of the charity rides. At the end is a glimpse of the raffle car replica. 100_2685.mp4 video by jkleiner - Photobucket Being in the presence of what is arguably the most legendary Cobra ever...
  4. London Cobra Show

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    I want to say thanks to new and old friends that made the London Cobra Show so great. It was an absolute blast. Can't wait to come back next year. Dick Smith is smiling down from heaven and would be so honored to know about the replica 198 and knowing that a check for $100,000 went to Cystic...