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bought the car in 2006 as a roller drag car. I added a BBC 454 bored .060 over to a 468ci., a power glide with trans brake and 4.56 gears on 28 in tires. Motor dynoed at 599 hp and got mid 10's in the quarter mile. It has been mini-tubbed and weighs 3000 lbs. In later years I got tired of twisting 7700rpm at the finish line so went to 4.10 gears and a 29.5 tall tire with a result of 6800rpm at the finish line. That pretty much sums it up until this year when I went to EFI and had to change cams to make that work. I don't race much anymore but I still want to be able to when I get to scratch the itch.
1967 Pontiac Firebird (Blue)


BBC 468ci. Ported GM 781 heads punched out to 225 intake valve size by HARRY HEADS in Sioux City, IA. comp cams 680 lift 274 dur cam at 112 degree lobe separation. Hooker super comp headers. Edelbrock Victor intake ported again by HARRY HEADS. Now with the EFI it is becoming a nice streetable motor.
The interior was stripped and only had 1 wire in it for a fule pump switch when I bought the car. An aluminum road sign was used as a dash board cut to fit. I have since installed full interior as much as I can since it has been mini tubed and a back seat will not fit anymore. I took out the windshield and dash and replaced them with OEM equipment to look nicer in my opinion. To each there own I guess.
I just got the bumpers re chromed and am working on the fenders now. The engine compartment is pretty stripped as the car was a lightened drag car for many years. It still has all glass windows and only fiberglass is the hood.
The in cat entertainment is the dual header exhaust and the new efi tuner that keeps me wanting to push to many buttons.
coil overs in all 4 corners with ladder bars on the 12 bolt.
Wheel and Tire
Hoosier 29.5 Street slicks with 12" wide alum rims. fronts are 28" 6" width.



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