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Factory Five Racing
MKII Challenge Car
Wimbledon White with Guardsman Blue Stripes
MKII Challenge car, built in 2005, Spec Legal, 302 EFI, 3 Link rear suspension, new 22 gal Fuel Safe Fuel Cell, Ultra Shield Spec Miata seats (2) and harness, Halon Fire system, overhauled in 2010/2011

1/2012 undegoing Challenge Series upgrade, new fron spindles (Mk IV), FFR Sway Bar, Cobra calipers and rotors (13"), 650# front springs and 450# rear springs.

1/2013 undergoing new body wire harness (from Mustang Medic), new front rotors and new Carbotech XP10 pads. New fuel lines (TFT) all the way from cell to engine.

1/2015 undergoing engine refurbish, new rotors and pads, and the most needed a new body (MkIII body)
1965 Factory Five Racing MKII Challenge Car (Wimbledon White with Guardsman Blue Stripes)


302 EFI, 231 RWHP, fire system nozzle. New spec engine 6/2011

1/2012 -Under going challenge car series upgrade, new topend (330rwhp), Trickflow heads, cam (stage 1), rocker arms (1.6), upper/lower "Heat Track R" manifolds, 70mm MAF and throttle body, 24# injectors

1/2015 Under going a engine refresh, moving to a forged crank with 28oz imbalance, everything else stays the same

2/2012 - New RMJ EFI Harness

05/2012 - New engine complete, Trickflow topend Jetdyno @ 322rwhp and 319lbs torque and 13 A/F ratio
Challenge car interior, Ultra Shield Spec Miata seats (passanger seat also), adjustable drivers seat, removable carpet, full guage set, kill switch, fire system nozzle, Fiero eBrake

1/2012 -Under going challenge car series upgrade New Speedhut GPS speedo and tach

2/2012 - Added Speedhut GPS speedo and Tach

5/2012 - Added Speedhut rev-limiter light

1/2015 - Re-web belts
Quick Jack removal (front and rear), spoiler (air dam), addtional roll cage support (1/4" steel on driver's footbox, NACAR side impact bars and 1/4" steel on both driver and passanger side), 2 piece removable body, removeable doors, removable windshield (replace with windscreen) addtional harness support on roll cage, front air dam, front and rear tow hooks

1/2015 fitting a MkIII body on the MkII Challenge car frame
The thrill of a spec racer
Koni Coil Over, 750# springs in front, 350# springs in rear

1/2012 -Under going challenge car series upgrade 650# springs in front, 450# springs in rear

2/2012 - New MkIV spindles, new flyn' Miata sway bar

2/2012 - -3 camber, +9 caster and 1/8 toe-in

5/2012 - -2.7 camber +8.5 caster and 1/8 toe-in
Wheel and Tire
Toyo RA-1 255/40/17 all around

1/2015 - New Toyo RR 255/40/17 all the way around



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