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Electra 225
Convertible, black leather buckets, 425 cid with dual quads
My dad bought it new. In about 1973 it started to get a ding or two so he parked it to restore it. Approx 15 year ago he rebuilt the engine, trans and diff and put 20 mles on it testing. Life got in the way so it got parked in an empty bay of his garage. Then more life got in the way and it was moved outside. During the winter one of his dogs jumped up on top of it and went through convertible top!
After it filled with snow dad noticed it and put a tarp over it. That tarp got ratty so he put another and then another and then another.
About 4 years ago dad started having health problems from 40 years of smoking. He has since quit (yeeeaaahhh!!!) He realized he would not be able to restore the car anymore and had his doubts the car was restorable either. He offered it to me and I jumped on it!! I have always loved that car.
I came to get it with my trailer and peeled back about 15 tarps. The car was very faded, the interior looked very dried out and I thought that it didn't look too bad for the age. I opened the door and eased into the black leather bucket only to have it sink through the floor!!! I new at that moment I was in for trouble!
I have since found another running, driving '64 Electra convertible that I am going to use for parts. People often ask me why I don't restore it instead. My only reply is that my dad didn't own THAT one.
There are still quite a few of these cars around but I have never seen another with a factory 425 cid and factory dual quads and bucket seats. I am told it is one of 18 built.
I am currently doing a frame off rest and the body is currently off. I am hoping to have it complete for fathers day 2012. Can you guess why ;-)
1964 Buick Electra 225 (Black)



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