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  1. (IAC) Adjuster

    Factory Five Roadsters
    I have one on my car. Seems to do what it's supposed to. I can tweak the idle without messing with the TPS. It basically replaces the throttle stop screw adjustments to help dial in your desired idle speed. Depending on how your motor's built, you can set the throttle stop screw to basically...
  2. Sourcing Aluminum Panels

    Factory Five Roadsters
    Just figured I'd post an update...Ended up calling F5 and provided the part numbers I needed, and they were able to make them for me at a very reasonable price, and fast. So if anyone needs MK3 aluminum parts, it looks like you can still get them.
  3. Sourcing Aluminum Panels

    Factory Five Roadsters
    Approx. measurements : It's 31" long (not counting the rear flange). The front edge is 13" wide and the rear is 9" wide.
  4. Sourcing Aluminum Panels

    Factory Five Roadsters
    I'm looking to source a replacement trans tunnel top cover for a Mk3. I could fabricate myself, but it would be easier to just purchase one. Free time is scarce lately.... Does FFR sell these? Any other options?
  5. Looking for Battery Tender recommendation

    Factory Five Roadsters
    I have two Schumacher XM15CA, one for my roadster one for my tractor. Best inexpensive charger I have found. It trickle charges and switches to a maintain mode once the battery is charged up....fully automatic and has a desulfation mode. Comes with a permanent attachment for your battery if...
  6. EPA Proposes to outlaw conversion of production cars to race cars

    Off Topic Discussions
    Signed. Truly unbelievable. I wonder if this is a step to give vehicle manufacturers complete control over the aftermarket industry...or to create a larger market for production race cars.
  7. Looking for 335/35-17s

    Tire & Wheel Forum
    I'm looking for 335/35-17 street tires for the rear of my roadster. I'm only seeing Michelin and Pirelli available in that size and they are kinda expensive. Anyone know of a less expensive option (treaded)? I could always go down a size to 315s but I'd rather not. I know Kumho used to make a...
  8. NJ Title issues

    Factory Five Roadsters
    Bill: How did you attempt to title and register your car? Title only. Standard NJ title..no registration Which NJ forms did you submit to the clerk at the window? NJ application for title and signed MN title. That's it. What exactly did you say to them? I need to title a car I bought...
  9. NJ Title issues

    Factory Five Roadsters
    Picked up a used FFR MKIII over the weekend, and just tried to get it titled at a local DMV. No go. They gave me the number for Trenton, said there's nothing else they can do, and sent me off. Tried calling Trenton and now there is a 25 min. wait on the line. I'll try again later this...
  10. Looking for a "test fit" (near Hunterdon NJ)

    Northeast Region
    Sounds great. I'll shoot you a PM when the weather clears.....
  11. Will I fit???

    Factory Five Roadsters
    Thanks again everyone for your input......and the pics Seems like I should have nothing to worry about. I might take you up on your offer Jeff. I'll shoot you a PM.
  12. Looking for a "test fit" (near Hunterdon NJ)

    Northeast Region
    I posted something in the general area...was recommended I also post something here in the locals.... I'm in Hunterdon County NJ, and I'm looking to see if there's a possibility I can "test fit" in someone's car who is nearby. I am basically at the point where I can make a purchase, but I need...
  13. Will I fit???

    Factory Five Roadsters
    Hi everyone.....happy new year. I've been a member here for a while...kinda lurking and reading up, getting ready for the day I would be ready (and able) to pull the trigger on a Cobra purchase. Well...the time has finally come. The only concern I have at this point (besides finding one in my...
1-13 of 13 Results