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  1. What was your biggest hurdle building your car?

    Factory Five Roadsters
    Was that your first build Jeff?
  2. did you use Stewart Transport? costs?

    NorCal Region
    Our MK4 was delivered 7/31/18 from Stewart Trans to Bakersfield for $1700 plus a c note for the driver. Gas cost has gone up considerably in the last year so $400 isn’t really out of line. The kits before mine were in Az and SoCal so going up to Sac might justify a little of the extra cost...
  3. My new wheel

    Factory Five Roadsters
    Yep that’s the one I was looking at! Thank you for your input. Is that a RT turn signal? It looks like it, if so did you do it or did Russ do it? Because looking at other stuff of yours you are truly a man cave master craftsman! Kurt
  4. My new wheel

    Factory Five Roadsters
    Hay guys, (yes that’s the way I spell it lol) are you using the low profile, a little over an inch, design? I found that over a year ago and have talked to Russ Thompson about using it with his turn signal. He was thinking he might be able to make it work so we can use his turn signal and a...
  5. Odd question

    Factory Five Roadsters
    It’s was like 108 at 5:00 when he got here... He helped get all the boxes, complete kit, from street to garage. He left with an extra $100 bill. It’s been discussed in the other forum too. The majority seem to tip the drivers. I guess it depends on the individual who’s tipping. I tip a lot...
  6. Garage Fire in Santa Clarita

    SoCal Region
    So very sad....
  7. Garage Fire in Santa Clarita

    SoCal Region
    FYI... it’s also not a 70’s mustang... 65 or 66 in my book....
1-7 of 7 Results