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This page is provided as a public service by FFCars.com.  FFCars.com has no affiliations or legal connections to Factory Five Racing, Inc.

If you believe there may be a safety issue regarding a Factory Five Racing product, please use this form below to send a message directly to the technical department at Factory Five Racing, Inc.  If you believe that you know of a major safety problem, do not drive your car and immediately call Factory Five Racing at (508)291-3443.  Please do not use this for the ask questions or get technical advise.  Required items are marked with *.

Your Information (this will not be used for anything, other than this matter):
Day Phone*:
Evening Phone:
Email address*:
Product Information:
Do you own a Factory Five product?
Which product do you have?
When did you take delivery?
What is your kit number?
Is your kit completed?
If your kit is completed, please answer the following questions, if not skip to the next section:
When was your kit completed?
Who was the builder?

Report the Possible Safety Issue:

What possible safety issue would you like to report?*
How did you learn about this issue?
Does this affect your kit?*
Have you called Factory Five Racing?*
If yes, who did you speak to?

FFCars.com and its owners, moderators, Internet provider, hosting company and others are not responsible for this information or for the possible safety issues. This form is not as reliable as sending a register letter to the factory or by calling them.   FFCars.com and its owners are not responsible for making sure this form email sends the information to Factory Five Racing, Inc. so you should call and make sure they got your email.



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