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We would like to thank all of the members of FFCars.com who have helped us grow to become a fun and informative Factory Five community since January 2002. I could never have imagined when we had our first few members sign up on a small shared server that we would end up with the enormous community that we have today. We serve between 6 and 8 million page views per month.

This level of activity is a invaluable to someone building a Factory Five product or another Cobra replica. Whether you need a tech question answered about your kit, a Ford drive train related question, or just doing some "research" about buying and/or building a Cobra, you are going to get an answer very quickly. The downside is that we are pushing the limit of our software. A site with our traffic level requires a lot of attention to stand up to the load. We have managed to keep the site running so far, with very little downtime.

We have managed to keep the site free to the members for the last three years. We are still going to do so. The Supporting Member program is a completely voluntary way to contribute to the site and get a few extra perks for doing so.  How much money has this web site saved you in time and money?  If money is tight or you would just rather not contribute financially you are encouraged and more than welcome to continue as you do today. NO ONE IS REQUIRED TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE SITE TO BE A MEMBER.








The legal stuff - While we will do our best to continue to operate FFCars.com there is no guarantee of continued service. Supporting Members must follow all forum rules in the forum areas just as non-supporting members. Supporting Member status does not grant any special consideration when member banning is considered due to breaking forum rules. Refunds will not be granted to Supporting Members who are banned for breaking forum rules.


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