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  • aventador ·
    review đào tạo kế toán wordpress thành lập công ty tư vấn luật dịch vụ kế toán en khoe mieng cung rat on hoa, chi la, anh mat nhin Do Duy, lai nhu giong nhu mot mui cham!
    Bi mot anh mat nhu vay cham chu nhin, Do Duy co chut kho chiu. Ban dang doc truyen duoc copy tai Truyen FULL
    "Ong la ai?" Do Duy nhiu may: "Ma phap su cac ha? Ta tua ho khong cung voi ma phap su cong hoi di lai a."
    Ong lao mac ao bao ma phap su nay than the luot qua lan can, ha xuong phia truoc mat Do Duy vai buoc. Tren mat ong van mang theo tieu y... khong the khong noi, mac du nhin qua tuoi rat gia, nhung lan da cung voi anh mat sang lai khong tuong xung voi do tuoi! Do Duy toi gio van chua tung nh
    Wayne Edgerton ·
    Hi Tim, I patterned my engine pretty much after yours. Mine is a 351 Holley 4 dynoed at 427ho. The problem I ran into is they did a really bad job on the braided wires. I sent them photos of your engine to pattern after but they used an MSD distributor with the connectors on the top vs yours which appear horizontal side connected. Otherwise my engine looks great like yours. What engine is yours and what distributor are you using? Wayne Edgerton

    [email protected]
    Krash ·

    You've requested a photo of 427Blur's latch system. Below link has the best shot under the hood with full view of the latches.


    We've thought about using a single latch in the middle but the Roush's air cleaner was too close and I did not like the fact that with a single latch in the middle, hood corners lifted and would not stay flush to the body. Not sure if you had this problem but we certainly did. We could have created a single pull to unlock both latches but in the end, we've settled for two pull tabs for two latches. I am happy with the end results.

    If you want, more photos of the "427 Blur" can be found on this link here >>>
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