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  • TBull ·
    I read in the comments of one of your Youtube posts that you started out using Garrett T3/T04E Stage III Turbo 50 Trim turbos. Are you still using these? I was wondering because that is significantly smaller than the salesperson at Precision turbos led me to believe that I would need. Of course the size he told me were like $1000 each. At the time I was really wondering why I needed that much.

    Did you get yours with the Ball Bearings or journal Bearings? Any problems with it? As per our previous discussions, I'm still planning and waiting for the girls to get out of college. :( I still have a lot of fun with my current roadster with a supercharged 308, but the twin turbo is calling my name. Since your using the digital boost controller, I'm sure you're not using the integrated wastegate housing. Any other tips? I'm planning on using Holley's HP ECU for my engine management.


    Dan Turnbull
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