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  • SJDave ·
    Hi Dave,

    Yeah the notification of visitor messages is somewhat flaky.,...I tend to just send PMs now, seems like you get notified by Email if there is a PM.

    I'll send you a regular Email with pics!

    Kind Regards,
    Dave Albertalli
    SJDave ·
    Hi Dave,

    I modified my side pipes so I can split them apart and change the baffles out to meet 90 dba. To do this, even with my mods, I have to short shift to 4th gear coming out of Turn 5 and soft pedal the throttle as I go past the sound booth.

    I'm using the Dynatech Augers, two of them with ceramic wool packing material. I lose at least 50 HP with both Augers installed. Big power loss over 5500 rpm.

    This application won't let me attach pictures and only 1000 words....pretty worthless.... and my post on the forum was using Photobucket, so no images show anymore.

    If you want to see what I did, send me your Email Address and I can sent you pictures. It was about 2 days work to get it done, worst part was removing the old internal center core and baffle material, about 3 hours per pipe. The rest was pretty straight forward. Total cost was about $150 per side.....my pipes are Stainless so I had to use the Stainless V-Band Clamps.
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