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  • Galla4 ·
    Sten: I saw you post on the soft top install from FFR. Do you have it on your car? I keep thinking that might be a good option instead of buying a covered trailer. I like the open trailer option to haul the car to the track, but in case of rain - just put on the top. Let me know. Hope all is well with you.

    Jeff Benaway ·
    I live in Fenton ,mi . North of Ann Arbor. I have to agreed with you the West side of Mi along Lake Michigan is awesome. I have been to Ludington many times ,one of the best beaches!!
    steno ·
    Try a vinyl sign guy...worked great for me. You can even get photos printed on vinyl like they put on business vehicles. Todd Simpson must be MIA.
    Galla4 ·
    Sten: thanks for the post. What kind of sign store am I looking for? The car shows serious potential. 481 up, torque 400+. Reed and I are having a lot of fun with build, I am learning a lot. Hope all is well with you.
    ehodger ·
    Hind sight is 20/20, Wish I would have known sooner but we took an impromptu road trip yesterday with a friend and his wife who have a superformance. I don't know if you know him or not. He is a Windy city Cobra member, Bob Haug. We took a drive up to Galena with the wives and had lunch. Then enjoyed a couple of fine cigars while they shopped. It was a good time, just wish I had known sooner so I could have invited you. Don't know if you have ever been on Scenic Ridge Road between Savanna and hwy 20 but what an awesome road. Our son is all registered at Augie and will start in 5 to 6 weeks. Hopefully he love it as much as your family seems to.
    Take Care,
    Charlie ·
    Hello Steno.........I have finished my build,MKII 4149, and will be in Woodstock to visit brother in law 1st week of Nov. Is your car finished and on the road? would like to see it. Charlie
    CCRsAC ·
    Sten - Look forward to meeting you and seeing your car. Let me know a good time and I'll make the trip up Rt. 47 to your area. Chris
    Dave Coombs ·
    Hi Sten,
    I just got this reply from you today. I don't know why but I never did get the PM. I found it by looking to see if you had posted recently and there it was. Thanks for getting back to me. Send me your email address and I will send you pictures of my DONE car. My address is [email protected] I hope all is well.
    Thanks again,
    Dave Coombs ·
    Hi Sten,

    Do you have Dee's (Crash Dummy) phone number. I am trying to get a hold of him to buy an ignition box. I have not been able to get him via PM's.

    I hope all is well.

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