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  • aventador ·
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    Snakebit31 ·
    I do not know if the pedal bender will work on your pedals. I do not know what Shell Valley uses for their pedal box. Most of the benders are clamps with 2 bolts that are opposite each other, and when tightened direct force from two different directions, bending the shaft of the pedal. Most are designed to work with the Mustang pedal box. Not sure if it works with after market pedals.
    davekfrommd ·
    I have a Shell Valley Cobra. The clutch and brake sit to the left. I'd like to move/bend then to be more centered (to the right). Will the pedal bender do that.
    Irwin Ayes ·
    So sorry to hear of your loss. Few of us are blessed with that great of a relationship. I was, and treasure those memories every day. May your Dad rest in peace and those memories stay with you every day. Irwin Ayes
    cobrafangs ·

    Its Thad. I live in the Salem area now. Pretty much across the street from salem high. HOw you been. I dont have your number anymore i have changed phones. Would love to meet and catch up. I am almost ready now for that roadster i have always wanted.

    scaglietticoupe ·
    How are you doing? My names Ben, im in the process of deciding whether or not to build one of these Factory Five kits. I noticed on the map thing that you live in my area. I was wondering if it would be too much to ask if i could "test fit" this car? Im 6 3, and its a real concern for me. Im considering the Daytona coupe, and from what ive read the Kirkey seats can add a bit more leg room. Just trying to get an idea, before I make my mind up. Thank you for your time.
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