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  • jayjcb1 ·

    My name is Jay my email address is [email protected]

    CRAZYBOBDS is looking to sell his GTM that is approx go kart stage

    Folks are suggesting a starting point of 20k

    if i paid him this outside of transport and inspection could you finish it to a nice standard (not show) for 25k?
    Appreciate your thoughts
    Tremblayracing ·
    Shane, thanks for you help so far. Im looking for an inventory list that one might get when they get their kit shipped. Do you have anything like this?
    I'm to understand the boxes are labeled so when you do your build you are directed to those boxes in the instructions?
    If you have something like this can you email to me today at [email protected]
    Aceflo ·
    Hey Shane.
    I see that you have stopped producing the Custom GTM Rear Body Vents. I hope to be ordering my GTM kit this month. I cannot picture the back of my GTM without Custom GTM Rear Body Vents from you. They make the rear of the car look soo good. What would it take to convince you to make just ONE more pair? :)
    Ed Prokop ·
    Thanks for the info on door locks. I think I will add electric poppers from AVS and have the system work on a remote opener. Have a manual secret cable on the wheel well to pull in case the solenoids crap out on the popper.

    By the way, I will call you soon to see how much it will cost me to have some work done to have the car street ready and pass inspection in Texas. Need to learn all about the LS1 wiring harness and the engine/transmission for the car. Any assistance to where to find info is greatly appreciated.
    kgtm ·
    Hi Shane,

    What do you charge to finish a GTM from go cart? what are shipping back and forth from bay area CA?

    carbon fiber ·
    if you get a chance(know you're busy!), pm me with shipping info on those 1st gen gtm doors. i'd like to have them. thanks, CF.
    SniperWolf ·
    Some time ago you commented on perhaps making a manual of your own with tricks you've discovered along the way which tells me it's not your first rodeo, so to speak. Out of pure curiosity, what would you charge to completely put a GTM together front start to finish assuming your customer provided all the parts?
    iron.man ·
    Would you be interested in fabricating aluminum fins for the rear of my GTM... just so somethings there instead of it just being open ? I dont want the stock carbon fiber piece on there at all ! Just 4 horizontal fins like what you made for the front of the gtm with two vertial mounts that drill to the transmission support bars somehow and maybe have some slight up tilt for downdraft... but just slight.
    Speed R ·
    Shane, sorry to bother you, did you use self tapping screws for the headlight covers or machine screws and nuts ? I have really nice s.s. flat head allen machine screws but I am thinking that the fiberglass in that area could support a tapping screw ? Guys have bonded them and they look nice but how do you ever get back in there to clean them if you do that ....

    Thanks - Bob
    Speed R ·
    Shane, got some kind of grill, grate or screen for the back of the GTM with the Kook's oval tips ?? Having a real problem with that... - Bobby
    @ Performance Werx Let me know ..thanks [email protected]
    lrt1941 ·
    I would like order a set of cam washers and the AC ducting panels. pm me your paypal information and I will pay with the paypal. I also the need the prices.
    Leonard Tyler
    2088 Santiago rd
    AuGres, MI 48703
    h.koenigstein ·
    Hello Shane, my name is Harald and am from Germany. I search a good GTM for the purchase, send please myself more information and pictures I am strongly interested. I have seen the grey car in Germany and has well liked me. I must clear like it by the transport to Germany goes or do you have experience with it? Would be nice if I as fast as possible infos receives. Is the yellow GTM of you? Is the car to be sold? Whom should what it cost and what he has for a technology?
    Yours sincerely Harald
    ShawnB737 ·
    Corvette Central is out of the 2004 Vette Service Manuals. Seems they are out at the distribution place and are not being made? They have the 2003...Do you think that would suffice? Also, there is a place on the web selling 1997-2004 service manuals in PDF form...whats your opinion...Thanks in advance
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