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  • John F ·
    Hi Sean,
    Got the package! Thanks for the T-shirts. Looks like another work of art on the MDT trophy!
    302dad ·
    Hi Sean
    We exchanged some emails back in Jan/Feb with questions regarding paint, & footbox modifications.
    I'm happy to say we've made some minor progress, and now I'm struggling trying to figure out wiring so we can hopefully drop the engine in soon.
    We have the RF harness that came with the complete kit, but also see that our crate engine doesn't seem to need the alternator wiring that is part of the harness (1 wire alternator that they say should go direct to the battery positive & shouldn't go inside car). There is also a pigtail for the hot rod "only" that seems like it could be deleted.
    It is all pretty intimidating to me & I have several questions, but it seems like the more of this stuff that can be deleted the better given very limited room to work under the dash?
    Any thoughts / comments?
    302dad (Curtis)
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