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  • Hani1409 ·
    Hey Rick,

    How are you doing? I hope all is well?

    I got the car registered and insured and I've been hitting the road everyday so far just to get used to it (and because I'm excited :) ).

    Rosborn88 ·
    Hi, Rick. I've loved reading your blog about your road tripping adventure. I've recently moved to Baltimore and I'm in the market for my first cobra replica. Do you attend local clubs where I could meet other cobra owners, pick peoples brains and learn about what to look for in the first car? Thanks!
    Seagull81 ·
    Pretty sure you are the Rick cruising the country and will head to Austin, TX. I'm not sure what message you got, but it was an invite of some hospitallity while you are in Austin. 5127792342 is my mobile if you are interested.
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