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  • JRCuz ·
    Just talked to my neighbor and he is off on Tues. If you can make it we'll plan on next Tues. the 14th 9am
    JRCuz ·
    Hi John, do you think we could do the body removal with 3 people? I might be able to get my neighbor to help also. I'd like to do it next Tues or Wed. Let me know.
    Lou N ·

    My apologies for not responding. I didn't log back in after my second post, so I never saw your message. I appreciatre the offer; what color is your Polymat, if you still have it?


    If you go the polymat route, test a sample on some scrap aluminum with the glue you intend to use. I found that the Weldwood carpet cement would sometimes bleed through the polymat (it's quite thin) leading to a blotches. I did not try spray adhesive. I ended up not using polymat for that reason, and used https://www.yourautotrim.com/s72wiluauca.html instead. This carpet is comparable to that provided by F5 in thickness & construction, so no bleed through at all.

    If you'd like, I'll send you a sample of the polymat so you can do your testing. And if you like it, the polymat is yours for the cost of shipping.

    AdamC ·
    Use your on-off hazard switch to jump between the left and right momentary. When Hazard switch is ON this will put it in hazard mode. Now turn either right or left signal and it will "jump" as if both left and right are sending signals and your hazards will flash. Flip either again to turn off but you also need to turn OFF hazard switch to get back into regular mode.
    Ammo461 ·
    Glad that your leg healed up for you. Your build is looking great. I finally got my GTM ordered and should have it by Christmas, can't wait to get started myself.

    Keep up the good work enjoy the holidays and family time.


    From the build class
    chopper ·
    Hi John,

    I just saw your build thread, I thought I'd drop a note. I'm out in Leesburg, VA. I've had a MKIV for about a year. It's mostly done, going to send it out for paint in late October. Feel free to give me a shout if you run into trouble and need some local help, or want to take a look the car. A lot of my build is similar to yours, although I went with 3 link instead of IRS.

    CraigS ·
    I will be around here Sat various times and Sunday afternoon. cell is 410-353-0876. Email is [email protected] What is your real name/cell number so I can recognize a text or email. If this weekend doesn't work out, a day next week would be fine too. Actually might be better as my wife will be at work so I don't have to worry about cutting in on her time. We could do a retired old farts lunch.
    BTW this PM stuff is not working well. I typed this reply as a reply and then got a msg about not having a correct name or something. SO had to go through the members list and am sending this as a 'visitors message' whatever that means. I hope this gets to you. Let's switch to email.
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