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  • RE63 ·
    Hey Joe, I can;t find the bill of rghts but frankly I find this offensive from Fact5racer. This is the New England region section. I thought politics were not to be discussed? and being from Massachusetts I think it is out of line. Not the first time I have seen offensive posts from this user. How does he get be a moderator? HE is not making any friends with thsi type of rant.His post below.

    NH was a lot better years ago. Now with all of the Massholes moving over the border the liberal democrats are doing all they can to destroy it and turn it into "Cambridge North"! the fact that it voted for Obama says it all. If you could move the voting border just thirty miles north there be would be a 80% increase in Republican voting percentage wise.
    Shawn Whalen ·
    Hey Joe < there is a new post on the FFR open forum concerning the Sema bill encoraging people to contact Gov. office. You might want to take a look and chime in!
    creamsicle ·
    hey it's me creamsicle rick, the forum says i can't post anything yet i can log in and all that stuff what is wrong? help another old guy understand. i am trying to ask about the cobra for sale and i can't get thru. thanks rick
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